Why Not Go For It ? !!

You Can Talk About It All You Want
Even Wish For It All You Want
But Action Really
 Is What Changes Anything


Are They Really Worth It ?

Your dreams and goals, are they not just fantasies that fade from the mind ?


  • HUMANOIDS. Giving In To Be Robots
    She got a call, it’s everything she had ever dreamed of, all that she had ever wanted. All her life she has waited and prepared for it and finally, she was called in for the interview. The firm is a legacy in the city and if you ever get a…
  • The Rat Box Or A Deadly Ride? How Parents Kill A Child’s Visions
    The rat box or a deadly ride? One can only imagine an attempt to ride a bicycle in the opposite direction of a one-way road meant for huge trucks, but would you really attempt it? I am guessing your answer is “NO” a sane person would never attempt such a…

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