The Rat Box Or A Deadly Ride? How Parents Kill A Child’s Visions

The rat box or a deadly ride?

One can only imagine an attempt to ride a bicycle in the opposite direction of a one-way road meant for huge trucks, but would you really attempt it? I am guessing your answer is “NO” a sane person would never attempt such a suicide mission, but would you still say no if your life depends on it? 

What if it is a situation where you have to choose either taking the chance and you will live if you manage to survive it or dying right where you stand in a rat box, would you still say no?

Many of the youth and teenagers in our country today have been made to wander in the confusion of making this decision and many have been subjected to the forced choice of remaining in the rat box because that seemed like the safest place to be rather than embarking on a suicide mission.

Most parents and guardians do this to their children without even knowing it and believe me when I say this, they love their children and they want the best for them, they are trying to secure a good future for their children in the best way they believe is right but the problem comes in when you turn deaf ears to the distress of the one who you are trying to save. 

If you really want to help someone, you have to listen to him and try as much as possible to understand him because just listening is not enough to do a good saving. 

Imagine a physician prescribing drugs without listening to the distress of his patient who he vowed to protect, or a physician who does not understand the predicaments of his patient, how does he want to administer the right medicine. 

Restricting a child from pursuing his/her dreams to become whoever he/she wants to be is no different from trying to kill the person they can become.

One thing that you should understand is that whether you succeed or not, one day you will be all by yourself, left to face the consequences of your own decisions either good or bad, so what you become tomorrow is completely dependent on your decisions now.

Many have normalized the blame game when things are not going the way they want, but wanting something is not enough to get it, you have to ask for it like it is your right, work for it like you deserve it then when the opportunity peeps through the window, you grab it by the neck and take what you want.

Blaming someone else for the results you have is not going to make anything better, it only means you are depending on the decisions of others for you to live your life. 

The moment you start taking the blames, you make better decisions. The moment you take responsibility for your future, you take control of how you end up. Make sure you have no one to blame for your failure. But what is the point in wasting time to blame yourself when all that matters is for you to improve?

Knowing that parents want the best for their children, and are doing the best they can in the way they believe is right, one has to understand that they might not understand now that your vision is worth all your effort because they are not seeing what you are seeing- it is your vision, so you know best why you should never stop working to make it a reality.

No one may see what you see now but if you don’t stop, they will see what you have been showing to them the moment you begin to get results and you will surely get their support, that way you have earned it for yourself.

You will earn their support, but not by leaving your vision to achieve their own but by showing them the results from pursuing your dreams. 

Thinking that leaving the rat box is a suicide mission is a result of the manifestation of what your mind has been fed. Fear of failing is sometimes comforted with the satisfaction of one’s current position, but you will surely wrath in the rat box if you choose to stay. If you don’t believe you can survive if you leave the rat box then think about choosing a way to die knowing that staying is also a way to die, either live a life full of regrets and bitterness and a lonely, unhappy, slow and painful death or you live your dream and die feeling fulfilled.

Would you risk your life to save it? Would you take the risk to save yourself from the rat box?

Most of the anger and violence that exist in marriages and our society is as a result of a life full of regret and the search for someone to blame for it.

There is always a time when you will be more confident in your dreams because you will surely get results but the question is will you push and endure till that time comes? Will you take in the opposition and use it as a motivation long enough for the opposition to turn into an alignment.

No matter how long the road might be, it is always worth fighting to make your vision a reality, you owe your success to no one but you, so you decide, what’s it going to be?

The rat box is only a gateless slaughterhouse that kills its victim from the inside and very slowly leaving the victim completely clueless of the extent of the damage done.

The rat box is where several parents and guardians have been locking up their children without knowing it because when you stop a child from living his/her dream, you are only keeping the fate of such a child in the hands of the rat box keeper.

The rat box is only an open death space with so many limitations, water only goes in the box dependent on the will of the box keeper, as free as the air we breathe is, it also goes into the box at his will. So what happens when he gets bored of supplying the box, the victim slowly dies as the air leaves his lungs and he dehydrates.

So is it worth staying in the rat box rather than taking that ride, I suppose your answer is “NO”. 

As someone who knows how it feels and what it means to be compelled to stay in the rat box, I will tell you that taking that ride and going after your dreams is the best thing you can do for yourself because, in the end, you alone bear the outcome of the decision you make. It is not as easy as it sounds but staying in the rat box is a continuous nightmare that tortures even in the daytime. 

Taking that ride is not and will never be a suicide mission, staying in the box is the suicide mission.


If you feel like you need to escape from the rat box, you will be fine because you are not alone and will never be alone.

Just take a deep breath, visualize where you will love to see yourself in the future and one step after the other consistently, it won’t be a smooth ride but you will surely reach your destination if you keep looking forward, keep your vision of the future intact and your mind on your desired destination.

Once they get a taste of your vision, they will fall in line and join your crusade.

Keep riding!.


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